LIP CREAM ‎– Kill All Ugly Pop! - 2LP

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LIP CREAM ‎– Kill All Ugly Pop! - 2LP


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Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Unofficial Release

[A1] Shangril-LA
[A2] Fight In The Street (Teenage Warning)
[A3] Stop The City
[A4] Give Us The Truth
[A5] The Pusher
[A6 ] 夕焼け
[A7] Kill Ugly Pop!
[B1] No Rules
[B2] For My Life
[B3 ] Fareless Drunker
[B4] Kill The Hincty
[B5] Back In The Anger
[B6] 赤羽線バイオレンス (Violence In The Red Wing Line No. 2)
[B7] Suicidal
[C1] Lonely Rock
[C2] Tabaco
[C3] Grasser
[C4] No No Mercy
[C5] When The Punx Go Marting In
[C6] Night Rider More Than Fight
[C7] Yellow Beauty
[C8] VX-2
[C9] Good Choice
[C10] Pental
[C11] Dazed Confused
[C12] Top Fight
[C13] チンピラ
[D1] Night Rider (Remix)
[D2] Radical Mental Trues
[D3] Johnny He's Never Die
[D4] Big Foot (He's Chicken Killer)
[D5] Village Of Damned
[D6] Price Of Innocence
[D7] Bandit
[D8] Kill Ugly Pop
[D9] Back In The Anger
[D10] No Rules
[D11] 義理 (Be Torn Between Love & Duty)
[D12] Bloody Summer
[D13] In Your Mouth
[D14] Don't Speak Too Much
[D15] 汚名

Spelling mistakes are as they appear on the track listing. 

LP 1 
Tracks 1-14 : Kill Ugly Pop LP 

LP 2 
Tracks 1-4 : Lonely Rock 
Tracks 5-9 : Nightrider 
Tracks 10-11 : Hardcore Lawful Assembly 
Tracks 12-18 : Kill The IBM 
Tracks 19-20 : The Punx Tape 
Tracks 21-23 : Farewell To Arms 
Tracks 24-28 : Thrash Till Death

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